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For thousands of years, Koreans have been using Korean Ginseng Root believing that it “protects the organ system, calms mood, and brightens up the eyes.” One of the old Korean medical works states that “if a person takes Red Ginseng continuously, his or her body will feel light so the person can live longer.” Many recent studies back up the old findings of the benefits of Korean Red Ginseng Root, and until today, many people take them to stay healthy.

What is Korean Ginseng Root?

Korean Ginsengs, one of the Panax species, are usually about 60-80 centimeters (including the stem and leaves) and their roots are about 7-10 centimeters. Koreans call it “In-sam,” which means “man plant” because it is shaped like a man. Red Ginseng roots are both wildly grown and harvested in cold areas of Korea. Ginseng tastes sweet at first but eventually bitter after, and today they are available as powders, dried roots, and liquid extracts. Korean Red Ginseng is a type of Korean Ginseng that is harvested after 6 years.

Benefits of Red Ginseng Root

Korean Ginseng root strengthens human’s immune system with its main active ingredient, ginsenosides. Ginsenosides help the body reduce the effects of stress by increasing protein synthesis in the brain, thus improving blood circulation in the brains. Better blood circulation in the brain allows better mental and physical performance. Korean Ginseng root is used for diabetes, migraine, infections, and radiation as well as stimulants for appetite. Another widely known usage of Ginseng root is to increase stamina. Besides ginsenoside, which is steroid-like phytochemical, Korean Ginseng root also contains panaxtriol that allows fast recovery from illness and increase in strength. These roots can actually work like a natural steroid that athletes can take. Ingredients in Korean Ginseng root can also be found in energy drinks.

Studies have shown that Korean Red Ginseng roots help men’s erectile dysfunction. This means that Red Ginseng roots can actually be a natural alternative to Viagra, which is a mixture of unnatural chemicals made in labs. These roots are also used to help women with menopausal symptoms. Another study suggests that Red Ginseng (especially Korean Red Ginseng) can reduce the relapse of gastric cancer.

Safety & Dosage

Ginseng roots are classified as a “Generally Recognized As Safe” by the United States Food and Drug Administration, and recommended by many doctors. Also, these roots are generally considered safe to consume in large amount. As mentioned earlier, many people consume Korean Ginseng Roots in various ways and Koreans eat them by making a chicken soup called “sam-gye-tang” with them also.

To Conclude,

Korean Ginseng Roots:
– Strengthens immune system
– Reduces effects of stress
– Fights diabetes, migraine, infections
– Stimulates appetite
– Increase stamina
– Boosts illness recovery
– Helps men with erectile dysfunction
– Helps women from menopausal symptoms

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